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Our software is developed and peer reviewed at each step of the development cycle. Designs are continually questioned and evaluated for efficiency and objectivity.
Our test scripts are formed as an integral part of the project design.
After internal review and testing, each product is evaluated in a controlled environment before being deployed to a release.
Limited releases and reviews are part of the process leading to a full release.
All this adds to the stability and reliability of our software.
We routinely add logging and debug options so that we can provide support with real metrics.
With your authorization, we can gather performance statistics, information on trends in data, access patterns and approaching limits which give us the ability to preemptively tackle performance and other issues.
We support, maintain and provide upgrades to all software developed by us.
As a licensed user, you have access to our secure web site where all your code files and updates are available to you at any time.


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